Teacher – Mrs Steer

Every morning at 9am, Joe Wicks is doing a PE session for children on Youtube. 

26th March 2020

Hello Venus

I hope you are working well and making the most of this good weather by taking your learning outside and remembering daily exercise.

English – writing

This is a writing task to be completed either during the rest of this week or next week:

Write down some notes on rationing and daily life during World War Two.  Now write down some notes about our current situation with purchasing foods and rationing.  Remember during World War Two there were ration cards issued by the government which you had to produce coupons from when paying for items so no-one was able to purchase more than they were entitled to.

Next, write a balanced argument on which situation was the least difficult to live with.  Remember write alternative paragraphs, first one on the benefits and drawbacks of rationing during World War Two and then the second paragraph on the benefits and drawbacks of our current situation.  Remember to incorporate all your SPaG and class non-negotiables.  (semi colons, colons, parenthesis, fronted adverbials, synonyms, pronouns, hyphens, ‘show not tell’ (where appropriate).  In order to bring in speech (remember how to punctuate this), you could write some direct and indirect speech as if you were interviewing members of the public in our current situation (remember to refer to social distancing of two metres).  I look forward to seeing your creative writing.

25th March 2020

Hello Venus Class – I hope you are working well at home and remembering to get some daily exercise and fresh air.  The Joe Wicks PE sessions are really good – we took part in these at school today.

I have attached the Guided Reading questions for The Railway Children – you need to complete the questions after reading each chapter.  If you have any problems printing these, please contact the school office who will organise a paper copy for you.   Railway Children Guided Reading questions

Here are some recipes for you to try out (provided you can obtain the ingredients of course!)

Some are traditional World War Two dishes and also for Easter – Simnel muffins, both of these we were planning to make at school.  I have also attached a times table test for you in year six to complete.  World War Two recipes      Simnel muffins       Ultimate-Times-Tables-Tests-Year-6

Enjoy the cooking!

19th March 2020

Hello Year Sixes – happy learning – be that at school or at home.  As you know, you already have a pack of work to complete at some time.  I imagine those of you at home are already working on this.

For week commencing, Monday 23rd March 2020,  I will be sending home practise SATs papers (and the answers for your parents!).  Even though SATs have been cancelled, this is really  good for revision and will help with any assessment that we need to make.  Details of how to administer these will be sent with the packs (Friday).  A very huge thank you to my year six volunteer ‘post people’ who kindly delivered the packs this week, hopefully they can deliver these ones too.  All of this learning should take you through to the Easter holidays.

Easter Holidays

We will also be sending home the answer packs for your CGP SPaG, Maths and Reading packs that you can complete over the Easter holidays.  In addition to this, I will be adding on some recipes (Easter and World War Two) for you to try at home during the Easter holidays and also your sewing Make Do and Mend will be sent home for you to finish.  If you need help with blanket stitch, cross stitch or any other stitches, you tube videos are really helpful.  Don’t forget your writing too – this can be on any theme over the Easter holidays – remember to incorporate all of your SPaG and synonyms, pronouns etc.  If you have any queries regarding the learning, please contact the school office in the usual manner.  Happy learning from Mrs Steer and Mrs Radford.

Carol Concert and Christmas CookingOn Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th December we made 90 mince pies, 100 cheesy stars and 4 litres of non-alcoholic mulled wine for our parents who attended our Carol Service – Christmas Carols Around the Tree.  We learnt many new skills with our cooking and used our ratio and proportion skills in maths to scale up the recipes.  Pastry making was definitely a new experience for the children! The children sang beautifully and read readings extremely well at the Carol Service and one child requested to play We Three Kings as a solo on the piano that he had learnt at home – it was magnificent.  A wonderful service enjoyed by all with many positive comments given as feedback.  Some parents even stated that there was no need to visit Marks and Spencers for mince pies if homemade ones taste that good!  Christmas holiday cooking for the children to be planned …

On Friday, 8th November 2019 Venus class visited the Norwich Cathedral to discover and learn more about their science – light and sound, RE an Art.What a fantastic time we had with superbly behaved children..  Children were engaged, asked excellent questions and extended their learning.                            Many staff at the Cathedral commented on their excellent behaviour and engagement.  We also discovered work from last year’s year six was on display with information about Edith Cavell.

Class Brochure Autumn 1