Friday, 17th July 2020

A very fond farewell and good luck to all the year sixes with their new journey onto high school.  You have been an amazing year, full of fun and laughter, not forgetting all the hard work and the learning that you have achieved, both academically and socially.  We are very proud of you all.  Take care and enjoy the summer.

Mrs Steer and Mrs Radford

year 6 transitions letter  Please read the following from Just One Norfolk Website, that may be of use for transition:

We are writing to let you know about an exciting new development on our Just One Norfolk Website. Traditionally in the Summer Term we have been keen to support transition to High School and have offered an intervention to Year 6 pupils in our enhanced schools. Obviously with COVID 19 this has not been possible so we have adapted this session into a digital offer which is now available for everybody.  The session includes videos to support building resilience and relaxation techniques and includes activities for children to complete with an adult. We are pleased to report that this has just gone live on our website and can be accessed by following this link

Wednesday, 8th July 2020

Good morning Venus.  How wonderful to see half the class over the last two days and looking forward to seeing the remainder on Thursday and Friday.  A reminder for those children who came into school on Monday and Tuesday: please continue with the learning that we started at school for the remainder of the week, apart from the Most Likely To Awards sheets that we will complete in class next week (these should have been left at school, however some of you may have taken these home yesterday).  For those children coming into school on Thursday and Friday, please continue with A Midsummer Night’s Dream learning pack from last week.  We are continuing to read Goodnight Mr Tom in class, rather than posting this on the website.  Let’s hope the rain eases soon and the sunshine returns.

Mrs Steer

Learning WC 6/7/20

Looking forward to seeing you all back in school next week. For those of you coming in Thursday/Friday please continue your home learning Monday – Wednesday on this week’s pack, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Wednesday, 1st July 2020

Morning Venus, next chapter of Goodnight Mr Tom: 1.7 GMT 87  1.7 GMT 88  1.7 GMT 89 1.7 GMT 90  1.7 GMT 91  1.7 GMT 92  1.7 GMT 93  1.7 GMT 94  1.7 GMT 95  1.7 GMT 96  1.7 GMT 97  1.7 GMT 98  1.7 GMT 99 1.7 GMT100  1.7 GMT 101  1.7 GMT 102  1.7 GMT 103  1.7 GMT 104 1.7 GMT 105  1.7 GMT 106  1.7 GMT 107  1.7 GMT 108  1.7 GMT 109  1.7 GMT 110  1.7 GMT 111  1.7 GMT 112  1.7 GMT 113  1.7 GMT 114  1.7 GMT 115  

Tuesday, 30th June 2020

Hello Venus, I am now able to add this week’s learning to the website.  You will notice there are some reflective memories tasks to complete if these could be completed as soon as possible and returned to school.  Happy learning, hope to see you soon.

Mrs Steer

Timetable for Venus Class wc 29.06.20  t-l-6190-a-midsummer-nights-dream-character-description-activity-sheets_ver_1  wc 29.06.20 Midsummer Night Dream Activities  Set Design Ideas  Imagine Shakespeare A Midsummer Nights Dream KS2 Exploration Sheet Black and White  Costume Design sheet  Costume Design Planning  Lesson-1-Find-a-rule-two-step-2019  Lesson-2-Forming-expressions-2019  Lesson-3-Substitution-2019  Lesson-4-Solve-simple-one-step-equations-2019  Lesson-1-Answers-Find-a-rule-two-step-2019Lesson-3-Answers-Substitution-2019  Lesson-2-Answers-Forming-expressions-2019  Lesson-4-Answers-Solve-simple-one-step-equations-2019

Monday 29th June 2020

Dear Venus due to computer problems please call the school office to arrange collection of a learning pack for this week

Wednesday, 23rd June 2020

Goodnight Mr Tom, Chapter Nine – Birthday  24.6 GMT 73  24.6 GMT 74  24.6 GMT 75  24.6 GMT 76  24.6 GMT 77  24.6 GMT 78  24.6 GMT 79  24.6 GMT 80  24.6 GMT 81   24.6 GMT 82  24.6 GMT 83  24.6 GMT 84  24.6 GMT 85  24.6 GMT 86  

Monday, 22nd June 2020

Hello Venus Class, here’s hoping you are all well.  Isn’t it wonderful to have the sun back, enjoy a lovely week, working and learning outside.  Your learning this week is based around Shakespeare’s A Midnight Summer’s Dream as we are in the middle of June.

Timetable for Venus Class wc 22.06.20 Midsummer Night Dream Original  Midsummer Night Dream Pack  shakespeare-insult-generator  T2-T-17209-Imagine-Shakespeare-KS2-Resource-Pack  T2-E-1480-A-Midsummer-Nights-Dream-Vocabulary-Mat  Lesson 1  Lesson-2-Equivalent-FDP-2019  Lesson-3-Order-FDP-2019  Lesson-4-Percentage-of-an-amount-2-2019  Less24.6 GMT 82  on-1-Answers-Fractions-to-percentages-2019  Lesson-2-Answers-Equivalent-FDP-2019  Lesson-3-Answers-Order-FDP-2019  Lesson-4-Answers-Percentage-of-an-amount-2-2019  

Goodnight Mr Tom to follow …

Mrs Steer

Tuesday, 16th June 2020

Next instalment of Goodnight Mr Tom …  16.6 GMT 60  16.6 GMT 61  16.6 GMT 62  16.6 GMT63 

16.6 GMT 64   16.6 GMT 65  16.6 GMT 66  16.6 GMT 67    16.6 GMT 68  16.6 GMT 69  16.6 GMT 70  16.6 GMT 71  

Please check your house for any books (either class or library books) that you have and return these to school please, including The Railway Children.

Thank you.

Mrs Steer



Monday, 15th June 2020

Good morning Venus class, what a wonderful week end with the sunshine returning.  I am sure some of you will be counting down to this Wednesday when the Premiership football returns and playing on Friday.  A lot of football in store, particularly over the weekend so for those of you not interested, let’s hope the sunshine stays so you can escape the roars and cheers coming from the armchair fans!

Please read and take part in the Sunflower Project, detailed below and also linked to your learning this week.

Thank you to all of you who have returned your work to school.  For those of you who still have work at home, please ensure all your work so far is returned to school by the end of the week.  Have a wonderful week, work hard and keep safe.  Goodnight Mr Tom to follow …

Mrs Steer.

Timetable for Venus Class wc 15.06.20  Year 6 Summer Activity Booklet Eng  Year 6 Summer Activity Booklet – Answers  Key-stage-2-Digestion-worksheets-1-7  Worksheet-Animals-Inc-Humans-Food-Groups-ks2  Lesson 1 – Multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1,000  Lesson 2 – Multiply decimals by integers 2019  Lesson 3 – Divide decimals by integers 2019  Lesson 4 – Decimals as fractions 2019  Lesson 1 Answers – Multiply and Divide by 10, 100 and 1,000  Lesson 2 Answers – Multiply decimals by integers 2019  Lesson 3 Answers – Divide decimals by integers 2019  Lesson 4 Answers – Decimals as fractions 2019

The Sunflower Project

Please take a look at the poster below for the school’s new sunflower project, in which we’re hoping to create a sunflower trail around the village, whilst also helping to make the community smile during this difficult period in our lives.

Sunflower project June 2020

Monday, 8th June 2020

Good morning Venus, I hope you are all well and have adapted to this rather cold, wet weather – hope the sunshine returns soon.  This week’s learning is set out below and Goodnight Mr Tom, next installment will follow later.  Enjoy and keep safe.  D Day Reading Comprehension – choose either one, two or three stars text to read and questions to answer.  Each increase of stars proves more challenging – you should all be able to access two or three stars.

Mrs Steer

Timetable for Venus Class wc 08.06.20  D Day questions  More challenging questions  D Day answers  More challenging answers  t2-t-437-dday-powerpoint   t2-h-5487-ks2-dday-differentiated-reading-comprehension-activity  

Key-stage-2-Circulatory-System-worksheet  KS2 Predators Prey Worksheet  

Lesson 1 Multiply fractions by integers 2019  Lesson 2 Multiply fractions by fractions 2019  Lesson 3 Divide fractions by integers (2)  Lesson 4 Fractions of an amount 2019  Lesson 1 Answers Multiply fractions by integers 2019  Lesson 2 Answers Multiply 8.6 GMT 49 by fractions 2019  Lesson 3 Answers Divide fractions by integers (2) 2019  Lesson 4 Answers Fractions of an amount 2019

Goodnight Mr Tom:  8.6 GMT 44  8.6 GMT 45  8.6 GMT 46   8.6 GMT 47  8.6 GMT 48    8.6 GMT 49 8.6 GMT 50  8.6 GMT 51  8.6 GMT 52  8.6 GMT 53  8.6 GMT 54  8.6 GMT 55  8.6 GMT 56  8.6 GMT 57  8.6 GMT 58  8.6 GMT 59  


Thursday, 4th June 2020

For all children starting at Long Stratton High School in September 2020

Dear Venus

Yesterday and today, I had a long discussion with Mrs Vanessa Browne from Long Stratton High School about transition and how your parents are able to make contact with her.  Also, the English teacher would like you to take part in a survey about reading and choose a book for the summer.  Please read the attached and return to the high school before Friday, 12th June 2020.  Year 6 reading book letter LSHS

Happy reading.

Mrs Steer

Teacher – Mrs Steer

Monday, 1st June 2020

Good morning Venus class.  I hope you are all well and have enjoyed a fabulous week being outdoors in the sunshine.  Enjoy the sunshine whilst it’s here, we have rain forecast for later in the week which is much needed for our gardens.  Below is the learning for this week up to Friday, 5th June 2020.  Remember to continue with Jo Wickes PE slot – either live or catch up later during the day.  Happy learning.

Mrs Steer

Timetable for Venus Class wc 01.06.20  A Global Meal Home Learning Task  Activity Sheet Globalisation Sorting Cards  Fair Trade Poster Home Learning Task   Activity Sheet Globalisation  Lesson Presentation The Global Economy  Lesson-1-Simplify-fractions-2019  Lesson-2-Compare-and-order-fractions  Lesson-3-Add-and-subtract-fractions-2-2019  Lesson-4-Mixed-addition-and-subtraction-2019  Lesson-1-Answers-Simplify-fractions-2019   Lesson-2-Answers-Compare-and-order-fractions  Lesson-3-Answers-Add-and-subtract-fractions-2-2019  Lesson-4-Answers-Mixed-addition-and-subtraction-2019  Trade and Economics Challenge Cards  Trade and Economics Fact Cards  

Goodnight Mr Tom  1.6 GMT 29  1.6 GMT 30  1.6 GMT 31  1.6 GMT 32  1.6 GMT 33  1.6 GMT 34

1.6-GMT-35  1.6 GMT 36  1.6 GMT 37  1.6 GMT 38  1.6 GMT 39  1.6 GMT 40  1.6 GMT 41  1.6 GMT 42  1.6 GMT 43




Monday, 18th May 2020

Good morning Venus – what a lovely morning to wake up to!  Below are the details of this week’s learning.  Please continue to access Jo Wickes PE slot every morning, enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.  This week’s learning is an outside theme to maximise this wonderful weather.  As ever, if you need paper copies, please contact the school office to collect a pack.  The next installment of Goodnight Mr Tom will follow …

Mrs Steer

Timetable for Venus Class wc 18.05.20  Green Willow Secret Scroll Learning  Green Willow Story cards for prompts  Green Willow Story  Nature Art and Leaf Baskets  Outside Summer English Activities

18.5 GMT 15  18.5 GMT 16  

18.5 GMT 18  18.5 GMT 17  18.5 GMT 19  18.5 GMT 20  18.5 GMT 21  18.5 GMT 22 18.5 GMT 23  18.5 GMT 24  18.5 GMT 25  18.5 GMT 26  18.5 GMT 27  18.5 GMT 28  



Monday, 11th May 2020

Good afternoon Venus, I hope you had a wonderful bank holiday weekend and took part in some VE Day Anniversary celebrations?  Below you will find details of this week’s learning – please read the Timetable for Venus Class wc 11.05.20 first.  As ever, if you need paper copies, please contact the school office to collect a paper copy.  Later this week, I will add the next installment of Goodnight Mr Tom.  Keep working hard and keep safe.

Mrs Steer

MATHS t2-m-4879-create-your-own-ve-day-maths-board-game_ver_1  MATHS t2-or-407-codecracking-for-beginners-morse-code-activity-sheet-MATHS  MATHS t-m-32066-ve-day-maths-puzzle_ver_2  MATHS t-t-5636-world-war-two-cryptogram-fact-activity-sheets_ver_6t2-h-4750-wartime-recipe-booklet-_ver_3   Weekly overview WB 110520 t2-h-4750-wartime-recipe-booklet-_ver_3  MATHS t-m-32068-ve-day-multiplication-and-division-board-game_ver_3  T2-H-4788-VE-Day-Powerpoint_ver_3 (1)  t2-h-5436-ks2-ve-day-veteran-writing-activity-sheet-  t2-t-320-ration-book-shopping-list-activity-sheet_ver_2  t3-h-122-ve-day-diary-activity-sheet_ver_1  t3-h-123-design-a-ve-day-medal-activity-sheet_ver_1  Timetable for Venus Class wc 11.05.20  


Monday, 4th May 2020

Good morning Venus, I hope you are all well and ready for another challenging week.  Let’s hope the sunshine returns this week.  As you may be aware, Friday 8th May is a bank holiday as it is 75 years since VE Day in 1945 – Victory in Europe when war in Europe was finally over, although the world war was not over until August 1945.  There were many planned events and street parties, however we will have to think in a virtual sense.  There will be a writing project on VE Day next week.  Below is the learning for the week – if you need a paper pack, there are copies in school, please contact the school office.  Later in the week, there will be the next installment of Goodnight Mr Tom.  Have fun and keep safe.

Mrs Steer

Timetable for Venus Class wc 04.05.20  RE – Budge the Cat  MATHS ON THE MOVE HOME CHALLENGE SHEET 5and6 (1)  Lesson-1-Y6-Summer-Block-1-WO8-Angles-in-special-quadrilaterals-2020  Lesson-2-Y6-Summer-Block-1-WO9-Angles-in-regular-polygons-2020  Lesson-3-Problem-Solving  Lesson-4-Problem-Solving  ANS Lesson-1-Y6-Summer-Block-1-ANS8-Angles-in-special-quadrilaterals-2020  ANS Lesson-2-Y6-Summer-Block-1-ANS9-Angles-in-regular-polygons-2020  

ANS Lesson-3-Answers-Problem-Solving  ANS Lesson-4-Answers-Problem-Solving


wc 27th April 2020

Friday, 1st May 2020

Hello Venus Class – at last Goodnight Mr Tom is ready to be listened too after several teething problems.  I hope you are all well and keeping safe.  Click on the links below to hear the story, starting with 1, 2, 3 etc.

1.5 GMT 1   1.5 GMT 2   1.5 GMT 3   1.5 GMT 4   1.5GMT 5   1.5 GMT 6  1.5 GMTB 7   1.5 GMT 8  1.5 GMT 9    1.5 GMT 10

Good morning Venus – here’s hoping you are all well.  Rather a surprise to wake up to rain this morning, farmers and our gardens desperately need it, however let us hope the sunshine returns soon.

Below is a timetable of your learning for the week and any documents that you need to support you.  If you have problems printing information, I have left some paper packs in school for you to collect.  Please contact the office.  I have also added a recording of myself reading Goodnight Mr Tom which I will be adding to the website each week so that we can hopefully finish the book before the end of the summer term.  Keep safe everyone.

Mrs Steer

Timetable for Venus Class wc 27th April 2020               features to use in all writing        Railway Children Guided Reading questions       Venus Persuasions Book Reviews      Maths Lesson 1 Y6-Spring-Block-6-WO1-Using-ratio-language-2019   Lesson 2 Y6-Spring-Block-6-WO2-Ratio-and-fractions-2019      Lesson 3 Y6-Spring-Block-6-WO3-Introducing-the-ratio-symbol-2019     Lesson 4 Y6-Spring-Block-6-WO4-Calculating-ratio-2019      Lesson 5 Y6-Spring-Block-6-WO5-Using-scale-factors-2019     

ANS Lesson 1 Y6-Spring-Block-6-ANS1-Using-ratio-language-2019      ANS Lesson 2 Y6-Spring-Block-6-ANS2-Ratio-and-fractions-2019      ANS Lesson 3 Y6-Spring-Block-6-ANS3-Introducing-the-ratio-symbol-2019      Lesson 4 Y6-Spring-Block-6-WO4-Calculating-ratio-2019     Lesson 5 Y6-Spring-Block-6-WO5-Using-scale-factors-2019    

science – journey of a red blood cell part 1 (if not completed yet)  science – journey of a red blood cell part 2    

geography – World War Two in Norwich

Goodnight Mr Tom readings to follow – technical problems!

Continuing our learning with World War Two, research what Norwich was like during World War Two:

Research what shops were in the city and if they are still there now, population of Norwich, how many bombing raids took place in Norwich and any other facts about Norwich during World War Two.

You can design and present your project in any way – on paper, handwritten, typed, PowerPoint, hand drawn art or printed pictures.

You may be able to find some online accounts of people describing a bombing raid and what happened when the all clear siren was sounded.



Friday, 24th April 2020

Good morning Venus.  I hope you have had a great week and managed to enjoy the sunshine and spend time outdoors.  I always find learning and working outside in the sunshine is much better than being inside.  Have a wonderful weekend – I will add another post on Monday, 27th April.

Mrs Steer

Monday, 20th April 2020

Hello Venus, I hope you had a wonderful Easter Holiday and enjoyed the wonderful weather.  Remember to try Joe Wicks PE sessions every morning – a great way to start the day.

Below is learning for the whole week – Monday 20th to Friday, 24th April, as follows:

Guided Reading – please continue daily to read The Railway Children and answer the guided reading questions at the end of each chapter.  When you have completed the book, please write a book review.

English – Writing, below you will see Thornhill book by Pam Smy that we were going to start learning about before the lock down.  Please read the book – remember there are many, many pictures only and not much text – you need to use your inference skills to deduce what is happening and there is not that much reading, despite the book having many pages!

Imagine you have just purchased Thornhill.  One of the first friends you make is the boy at the end of the book who lives opposite.  You both become very curious abut the history of Thornhill and decide to make a pact to investigate it together.  Write your own story (approx two pages) – a spin off from Thornhill about what happens, who do you meet, what do you discover, is there a problem you have to face, how do you solve it, the ending – conclusion.  Remember to include all your SPaG and check your spellings.  Thornhill story: TH p1 TH p2 TH p3 TH p4 TH p5 TH p6 TH p7 TH p8 TH p9 TH p10 TH p11 TH p12 TH p13 TH p14 TH p15 TH p16 TH p17 TH p18 TH p19 TH p20 TH p21 TH p22 TH p23 TH p24 TH p25 TH p26 TH p27 TH p28 TH p29 TH p30 TH p31 TH p32 TH p33 TH p34 TH p35 TH p36 TH p37 TH p38 TH p39 TH p40 TH p41 TH p42 TH p43 TH p44 TH p45 TH p46 TH p47 TH p48 TH p49 TH p50 TH p51 TH p52 TH p53 TH p54 TH p55 TH p56 TH p57 TH p58 TH p59 TH p60 TH p61 TH p62 TH p63 TH p64 TH p65 TH p66 TH p67 TH p68 TH p69 TH p70 TH p71 TH p72 TH p73 TH p74 TH p75 TH p76 TH p77 TH p78 TH p79 TH p80 TH p81 TH p82 TH p83 TH p84 TH p85 TH p86 TH p87 TH p88 TH p89 TH p90 TH p91 TH p92 TH p93 TH p94 TH p95 TH p96 TH p97 TH p98 TH p99 TH p100 TH p101 TH p102 TH p103 TH p104 TH p105 TH p106 TH p107 TH p108 TH p109 TH p110 TH p111TH p112TH p113TH p114TH p115TH p116TH p117TH p118TH p119TH p120TH p121TH p122TH p123TH p124TH p125TH p126TH p127TH p128TH p129TH p130TH p131TH p132TH p133TH p134TH p135TH p136TH p137TH p138TH p139TH p140TH p141TH p142TH p143  TH p144 TH p145 TH p146 TH p147 TH p148 TH p149 TH p150 TH p151 TH p152 TH p153 TH p154 TH p155 TH p156 TH p157 TH p158 TH p159 TH p160 TH p161 TH p162 TH p163 TH p164 TH p165 TH p166 TH p167 TH p168 TH p169 TH p170 TH p171 TH p172 TH p173 TH p174 TH p175 TH p176 TH p177 TH p178 TH p179 TH p180  TH p181TH p182TH p183TH p184TH p185TH p186TH p187TH p188TH p189TH p190TH p191TH p192TH p193TH p194TH p195TH p196TH p197TH p198TH p199TH p200TH p201TH p202TH p203TH p204TH p205TH p206TH p207TH p208TH p209TH p210TH p211TH p212TH p213TH p214TH p215TH p216TH p217TH p218


Please continue practising your reasoning skills, using the Maths reasoning file below.  You can check your answers in Maths solutions.  Where possible, try and explain your reasoning and the method you used and show this, not just the answer.

Maths reasoning      Maths solutions


science – journey of a red blood cell part 1

science – journey of a red blood cell part 2

Please complete the science in two parts.  Read the documents above and complete as per instructions.  Complete part two after part one.

Topic World War Two In Norwich – geography

Read through the information below.  This is a research project, finding out more about life in Norwich during World War Two.

geography – World War Two in Norwich

Enjoy your week of learning and keep safe.

Mrs Steer

TT Rockstars: Battle of the Bands: Boys vs Girls

TTRockstars: Battle of the Bands

What a close tournament, over 4,000 times table questions were answered and just 43 correct answers separated the winners from the losers, but there can only be one winner……drum roll…..and the winner is……THE BOYS!!


A great team effort for the boys, with the top 7 boys all scoring over 1,000 points, Enrique Wolf top scoring boy with 4,159 points. Unfortunately not even the heroic efforts of Carla Rock, with over 17,000 points, that’s 1,700 correct answers, could win it for the girls, but a fantastic effort nevertheless. Find certificates attached below, plus 1 house point for every 1,000 points scored!

MVP Battle Certificates

Over the next 3 days, finishing at 3 p.m. on Wednesday, 1st April (the final day of term), every point you score on TT Rockstars will contribute to a whole school Battle of the Bands competition. The winners of which will be announced on the school website. There will be individual certificates for the highest scoring boy or girl in each year group. Start practicing your times tables now!

Every morning at 9am, Joe Wicks is doing a PE session for children on Youtube. 

26th March 2020

Hello Venus

I hope you are working well and making the most of this good weather by taking your learning outside and remembering daily exercise.

English – writing

This is a writing task to be completed either during the rest of this week or next week:

Write down some notes on rationing and daily life during World War Two.  Now write down some notes about our current situation with purchasing foods and rationing.  Remember during World War Two there were ration cards issued by the government which you had to produce coupons from when paying for items so no-one was able to purchase more than they were entitled to.

Next, write a balanced argument on which situation was the least difficult to live with.  Remember write alternative paragraphs, first one on the benefits and drawbacks of rationing during World War Two and then the second paragraph on the benefits and drawbacks of our current situation.  Remember to incorporate all your SPaG and class non-negotiables.  (semi colons, colons, parenthesis, fronted adverbials, synonyms, pronouns, hyphens, ‘show not tell’ (where appropriate).  In order to bring in speech (remember how to punctuate this), you could write some direct and indirect speech as if you were interviewing members of the public in our current situation (remember to refer to social distancing of two metres).  I look forward to seeing your creative writing.

25th March 2020

Hello Venus Class – I hope you are working well at home and remembering to get some daily exercise and fresh air.  The Joe Wicks PE sessions are really good – we took part in these at school today.

I have attached the Guided Reading questions for The Railway Children – you need to complete the questions after reading each chapter.  If you have any problems printing these, please contact the school office who will organise a paper copy for you.   Railway Children Guided Reading questions

Here are some recipes for you to try out (provided you can obtain the ingredients of course!)

Some are traditional World War Two dishes and also for Easter – Simnel muffins, both of these we were planning to make at school.  I have also attached a times table test for you in year six to complete.  World War Two recipes      Simnel muffins        



19th March 2020

Hello Year Sixes – happy learning – be that at school or at home.  As you know, you already have a pack of work to complete at some time.  I imagine those of you at home are already working on this.

For week commencing, Monday 23rd March 2020,  I will be sending home practise SATs papers (and the answers for your parents!).  Even though SATs have been cancelled, this is really  good for revision and will help with any assessment that we need to make.  Details of how to administer these will be sent with the packs (Friday).  A very huge thank you to my year six volunteer ‘post people’ who kindly delivered the packs this week, hopefully they can deliver these ones too.  All of this learning should take you through to the Easter holidays.

Easter Holidays

We will also be sending home the answer packs for your CGP SPaG, Maths and Reading packs that you can complete over the Easter holidays.  In addition to this, I will be adding on some recipes (Easter and World War Two) for you to try at home during the Easter holidays and also your sewing Make Do and Mend will be sent home for you to finish.  If you need help with blanket stitch, cross stitch or any other stitches, you tube videos are really helpful.  Don’t forget your writing too – this can be on any theme over the Easter holidays – remember to incorporate all of your SPaG and synonyms, pronouns etc.  If you have any queries regarding the learning, please contact the school office in the usual manner.  Happy learning from Mrs Steer and Mrs Radford.

Carol Concert and Christmas CookingOn Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th December we made 90 mince pies, 100 cheesy stars and 4 litres of non-alcoholic mulled wine for our parents who attended our Carol Service – Christmas Carols Around the Tree.  We learnt many new skills with our cooking and used our ratio and proportion skills in maths to scale up the recipes.  Pastry making was definitely a new experience for the children! The children sang beautifully and read readings extremely well at the Carol Service and one child requested to play We Three Kings as a solo on the piano that he had learnt at home – it was magnificent.  A wonderful service enjoyed by all with many positive comments given as feedback.  Some parents even stated that there was no need to visit Marks and Spencers for mince pies if homemade ones taste that good!  Christmas holiday cooking for the children to be planned …

On Friday, 8th November 2019 Venus class visited the Norwich Cathedral to discover and learn more about their science – light and sound, RE an Art.What a fantastic time we had with superbly behaved children..  Children were engaged, asked excellent questions and extended their learning.                            Many staff at the Cathedral commented on their excellent behaviour and engagement.  We also discovered work from last year’s year six was on display with information about Edith Cavell.

Class Brochure Autumn 1