New Reception 2020

PE Kits – These need to be brought to school on Week 3 on the Monday.  They then need to be in every Monday and will be sent home every Friday.

Timings – Drop off is 8.40 and pick up is 2.50 (once the children are full time).  We would ask that you are prompt as the times are staggered to avoid crowding.

Lunch Update – Due to the fact we are moving to ParentMail, ideally lunches need to be ordered a week in advance.  Children are staying for lunch on Week 2 so this order needs to be in this week.

My First Day Back………

So, my first day back today!  I hope you all had a great summer – I am looking forward to seeing you!

I have been a bit hesitant telling you too much over the summer as updates have been changing daily so I wanted to hear what we were told today so I didn’t end up confusing anyone!  Below I have listed what I think might be answers to key questions that you might have….

Lunches – You have received your 3 week order form and the children stay from Week 2.  There is a reduced menu on offer.  You can order all 3 weeks if you want to or just for Week 2.  Lunches can be changed so are not set in stone!  The children will be eating in the classroom with an MSA and I will be there in the initial weeks to support.

Bags – We are trying to minimise the items that come between school and home.  PE bags will need to come in on a Monday and we will send them home on a Friday.  Book bags can come in but additional bags are not necessary at the moment.

Reading Books – when your child is ready for one , we will start sending them home.  When they come back to school they will be quarantined.

Drawings – Reception children produce a lot!!!!  They will be collected over the week and sent home on a Friday.

Health and Safety – We will increase handwashing and have hand sanitiser at points around the classroom.  We will not be enforcing children keeping at 2m apart or sitting at desks all day as this is not a requirement for EYFS.

Parents – unfortunately you are still not allowed in the building.  If your child is worried about coming in, take your time, there is no pressure.  We are happy to help but will respect your space and keep our distance until asked.

PE – Our PE afternoons are Monday and Wednesday.

Entry/Exit – when you come through the school gates, follow the black rubber path through the grass to the blue gates.  This is where you will drop off and pick up your child.   Then follow the path that takes you towards the carpark so you are moving in a one-way system.  Please do not stay and chat as this will mean that groups are gathering and social distancing will not been adhered to.  If you need to speak to one of the adults in the classroom then please let us know and we can direct you to where to wait.

Seesaw – You will receive an email at some point to sign up to Seesaw.  This is the tool we use instead of Tapestry to send photos and messages.

Teaching Assistants….

This is Mrs Barrett.  She will be supporting the Bees class every day!

This is Mrs Wolfe.  She will support the Bees Class every Wednesday every afternoon.

Information for September from Mr Riley

Letter to parents before summer hoidays

New Class Names

We have decided to rename our classes from September after insects.  There will be the Ants, Butterflies, Bees and Dragonflies classes.  We will be………………………..(drum roll!)…………………….the Bees Class!

Lunches from September

I am pleased to say that we will be able to provide hot lunches from September.  These will be individually portioned out and collected from the kitchen by the adults.  We will then eat lunch altogether in the classroom.

Information from New Parents Zoom Meeting held on 8.7.20

I have attached a document with a list of all the additional points that were discussed tonight as we flew through due the time limit on Zoom!

Information arising from the New Parents Zoom Meeting


Hello!  For those of you that haven’t met me yet, I am Mrs Brailey and I will be teaching Reception in September.  I understand that these are unsettling times at the moment so if you have any questions please get in contact.  You can email me or contact the office on 01508 470379 or via email at