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Well Mercury, the end of year. Not quite the year we expected to have. It has been a pleasure teaching you all this year and watching you all grow. I hope you have all have enjoyable memories too. Have a great summer, stay safe and enjoy reading people memories below.
Miss Loades
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Year 4 I look forward to seeing you Thursday and Friday for our last 2 days in mercury class together.

Year 5 It has been a pleasure to teach you this year. I have enjoyed discovering new things alongside you all. Origami folding was funny today, how are your frogs. Look at the amazing Sonic the hedgehog sketches we did following #DrawwithRob even Miss Loades had a good.



Please, so school don’t get a fine can you look for the following books.

Zoom into space by H and D Orme
Bippo and Boppo by Penny Dolan
Land of Neverendings by Kate Saunders
Sylvie and Star by Julia Green



What a lovely 2 days with year 5. This week we were looking at good examples of a balanced argument. While looking at the text we ‘magpied’ some good words and phrases to use.

Continuously, some people argue that, other people believe that, some people say.. solving, expressive, judge, on the other hand, consequently, however, no one can deny, on the contrary, conflicting, clashing, to conclude…

I look forward to seeing the year 4s Thursday and how the year 5s work turns out.


Please look carefully at home for the following titles

Zoom into space
Bippo and Boppo
Land of Neverendings
Sylvie and Star

Year 5- We will be following week 8; see you Monday.

Year 4- Look forward to seeing you all Thursday please follow this schedule. Below (titled Overview) to detail the learning for the next 2 weeks.



Parents Letter website Yr4


Year 5- In art yesterday we turned grown-ups in the school into objects. Have a look at these below.


Thank you for all the returned library books, please look below to see if you have any of these titles at home.

Year 5-  This week we are on Week 7 8th June on Oak Academy. https://classroom.thenational.academy/schedule-by-year click on year 5, scroll down to 8th June week 7.

Year 4- Fantastic photos last week for your home learning. Marcus and TN here are your photos.



Thank you for all of you that have returned school library books this week. They are the Norfolk Library van books and cost the school a lot to replace, so if you find them please place in box outside reception. The following titles are missing;
Zoom into space
Bippo and Boppo
Land of Neverendings
Sylvie and Star

Thanks for looking and stay safe.

Miss Loades


Welcome back year 5s, been wonderful to see you the last two days. We have all been enjoying using the Oak academy ‘. This is the feedback so far…

‘It’s fun doing different stories every day’

‘ I like doing Oak academy because they explain it well and tell you what to write. ‘

‘I enjoy it but I enjoy being back with Miss Loades and my friends too’

‘I like Oak academy its not too hard or too easy.’

‘Oak academy because they explain it well.’

‘I like Oak academy and I have enjoyed the learning.’

They were all pleased to be back at school. ‘It is nice be back with Miss Loades.’ ‘I like being back, I like seeing all my friends, even if we have to stay apart.’ ‘I like having my own table.’

Look at the fun we have had…


Wonderful to see lot’s of year 5s in school yesterday. We are currently trying to find all the school Library books. They are the norfolk library van books and cost the school a lot to replace so if you find them please place in box outside reception. The following titles are missing Zoom into space Beast Quest Pirate King Bippo and Boppo Square Land of Neverendings Sylvie and Star

Thanks for looking Miss Loades


Year 4 You new home learning pack is available from the office and on Seesaw.

Year 5 We are now moving to oak academy Look at the letters below to help you navigate your way round it. Those returning to school will complete Monday and Tuesday each week. We are starting with Week 6 1st June. https://classroom.thenational.academy/schedule-by-year click on year 5, scroll down to 1st June week 6. This week we will complete the RE from this week ‘Why do Buddhists meditate?’ and ‘Who was Siddhartha Guatama?’ from Week 5 on Monday.




Good morning Mercury class, enjoying the sunny weather? Here is another pack ready to collect from the office or available on Seesaw. Included in the pack is the sunflower project. Find out more below from Mr Roberts.

Week beginning 15th June 2020

IMG_5003 A quick weekly overview from Miss Loades. A longer video will be sent on 16.6.2020 on Seesaw.

The Sunflower Project

Please take a look at the poster below for the school’s new sunflower project, in which we’re hoping to create a sunflower trail around the village, whilst also helping to make the community smile during this difficult period in our lives.

Sunflower project June 2020


Here is an overview of this weeks learning. Any questions feel free to contact me at school. I will be in Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

This week we continue to focus on our well-being and what we are grateful for. English and Topic

grateful for


Welcome back. I hope you all had a relaxing break and are all healthy. here is an overview of this weeks learning. Any questions feel free to contact me at school. I will be in Monday, Thursday and Friday.



Exciting news about Mrs Clarke

Congratulations Mrs Clarke. Mother, Baby Charlie and Family are all well.


Last week of term, you have been working so hard. Here are your learning overviews for this week. Feel free to come in to school to collect a new learning pack.  For those asking on Seesaw as soon as Mrs Clarke has her baby and gives me permission I will let you all know.

Stay safe 19.05.2020

Good morning Mercury class. Here are your learning overviews for this week. Feel free to come in to school to collect a new learning pack.

Enjoy the sun and stay safe.

Miss Loades

Welcome to the summer term week 4 yr 4

Welcome to the summer term week 4 yr 5



Good afternoon Mercury class. How were your VE day celebrations. Mrs Neve was treated to some music along her road. We had lots of banners out including 2 we had coloured in. We could also hear singing and music.

I am adding this earlier than normal, while I have a good internet signal. I will be in Thursday and Friday ringing parents. If there is anything I can help you with during the call let me know.

This week’s learning packs will be available Monday from the office (thank you’s are due to Mrs Brailey and Miss Debenham for helping me with this). Friday’s video this week will also star Mrs Neve.

Have a good week, stay safe and helpful.

Miss Loades

Welcome to the summer term week 3 yr 5

Welcome to the summer term week 3 yr 4


A weekly video from Miss Loades


Remember to log into your Times Table Rockstars,  and Nessy accounts regularly  to practice your math and reading skills. Mr Roberts has set up Battle of the years on Rockstars.


Good morning, our new packs are available in school. This is the same as the work I will be adding on here and work I will be adding daily on Seesaw. If you have not set up Seesaw follow the instructions in your emails.Welcome to summer term week 2

Maths this week is active math.

Year 5 MATHS ON THE MOVE HOME CHALLENGE SHEET 5and6https://www.khanacademy.org/math/pre-algebra/pre-algebra-factors-multiples/pre-algebra-prime-numbers/v/prime-numbers


Year 4 Guided Reading Amazing Facts About the Human Body1 Emma’s Puppy Problem1 Great Galapagos1 Incredible Invertebrates1!

Year 5 Guided reading Metamorphosis1 Penguin Life Cycle1 The Life Cycle of a Flower1 Help, I’m Stuck!

VE day is this Friday here are some activities for you to learn more. Captain Tom Raises Millions for the NHS Daily News Story (ages 7-9) Parents Plan Royal Britannia Rule Britannia and music task 4.5.20 t2-h-4819-new-royal-family-tree-matching-photo-activity-_ver_6 t2-h-5436-ks2-ve-day-veteran-writing-activity-sheet- T2-T-803A-Simple-WW2-Spitfire-Glider-Activity-Paper-Craft-Line-Art t3-h-123-design-a-ve-day-medal-activity-sheet_ver_1 t-h-321-ks2-ve-day-teacup-design-activity_ver_2 VE victory

Have a good week and stay safe.

Miss Loades


Good morning, our new packs are-

available in school. This is the same as the work I will be adding on here and work I will be adding daily on Seesaw. If you have not set up Seesaw follow the instructions in your emails. The feedback received so far is how much children are responding to the activities and liking that I respond quickly to their work.

Welcome to the summer term

These are your science activities for the week. This week’s focus is Science and sound.

How_We_Hear_Things (2) Making_A_String_Instrument Pitch_And_Volume (1) Sound_And_Distance

In English this week we are focusing on creating a

English- This pandemic in years to come will be taught on the curriculum. We know from our learning that reliable sources are key to having a clear understanding to events that happened. Primary Sources are especially useful as they are immediate, first-hand accounts of a topic, from people who had a direct connection with it. Primary sources can include: original newspaper reports, by reporters who witnessed an event or who quote people who did. For this reason, I thought it would be a fun activity and if you would like the whole family can get involved to create a time capsule and bury it either where you live or put it in the loft to be discovered in years to come.

You will all have exciting ideas of what to include but I thought we could have

Writing an informal letter to your future self;

Some ideas for the letter could include;

  • Where I live
  • Who is here with me?
  • What have you been doing?
  • How has life changed?
  • What life skills have you learnt?
  • What websites did you enjoy exploring?
  • What books did you read?
  • What creative activities have you learnt?
  • Funniest moments?
  • What have you achieved? Cooked a new meal? Learnt new skills Hoovered? Dusted?
  • What do you hope to achieve?


Secondly, compare what life was like before the virus to what life is like now. How has your daily routine changed? What do you spend your days doing now and before? What three things have you learnt most from this experience?

Thirdly, what objects would you put in the time capsule? What sources could we include that tell the finder about 2020? Could you add newspaper articles? Pictures of technology? Pictures of the area you live in? What houses are like? Toys you play with? Activities you like doing? What sports are on television? What do you enjoy? What foods do we eat? What are you thankful for?

Your next activity- What are you busy doing at home? I would like some brightly coloured pictures and labels of the amazing achievements. Year 4 I would at least 6 and Year 5 at least 8.

Also I have attached an activity all about your favourites, what makes you amazing?

Finally, I will be joining in all these activities so look out for my work on Seesaw. I would really enjoy seeing what you are all doing and sharing ideas.

Time Capsule activity         Top tips for your time capsule

Maths- We will be focussing on types of. https://mathsframe.co.uk/en/resources/category/486/identify-acute-and-obtuse-angles-and-compare-and-order-angles-up-to-two-right-angles-by-size has some extra properties of shape activities. Don’t forget to take a picture and add on Seesaw.

  1. Watch the following clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RTM418qfdI&safe=active

See if you can match the shapes to the descriptions. Then go round your house and take pictures or record the different angle types you saw.

  1. What can you remember about parallel lines? Think about train tracks. What is perpendicular? A sheet is included for you to complete. Can you find any parallel and perpendicular lines around the house? Can you draw some of your own 2d shapes with parallel and perpendicular lines? Don’t forget to name the shape as well.

3.. What do you notice about quadrilaterals?  https://www.khanacademy.org/math/basic-geo/basic-geometry-shapes/basic-geo-quadrilaterals/v/quadrilateral-overview Watch this, write a definition down to help you remember and then draw as many different Quadrilaterals as you can.

4. What are obtuse, acute and right angles? Watch this video to remind you https://www.khanacademy.org/math/basic-geo/basic-geo-angle/basic-geo-angle-types/v/acute-right-and-obtuse-angles Now having a go at identifying the different types of angles on this activity.



Good morning, Hope you are all staying safe. This week we welcome Mr Riley to our school, a bit of a different start for him. New learning packs (Pack 3) will be available from Monday once we have finalised a few bits.

Look after yourselves and stay safe and helpful.

Miss Loades


TTRockstars: Battle of the Bands

What a close tournament, over 4,000 times table questions were answered and just 43 correct answers separated the winners from the losers, but there can only be one winner……drum roll…..and the winner is……THE BOYS!!


A great team effort for the boys, with the top 7 boys all scoring over 1,000 points, Enrique Wolf top scoring boy with 4,159 points. Unfortunately not even the heroic efforts of Carla Rock, with over 17,000 points, that’s 1,700 correct answers, could win it for the girls, but a fantastic effort nevertheless. Find certificates attached below, plus 1 house point for every 1,000 points scored!

MVP Battle Certificates

TT Rockstars: Battle of the Bands: Boys vs Girls

Over the next 3 days, finishing at 3 p.m. on Wednesday, 1st April (the final day of term), every point you score on TT Rockstars will contribute to a whole school Battle of the Bands competition. The winners of which will be announced on the school website. There will be individual certificates for the highest scoring boy or girl in each year group. Start practicing your times tables now!

Update (27.03.20)

Good morning Mercury class, sorry for the delay in updating, but I’ve been experiencing internet issues.

I know the current situation is one which is new and different but please try and approach home learning with a positive attitude. Find a routine and daily activities that works for you and your family situation, Please make sure you keep up with the habit of reading, practising spellings and working on number skills (using home learning packs/times tables packs/Numbots/TT Rockstars) regularly. Mr Roberts has set up Nessy for all pupils to use; this will adapt to your individual spelling needs. To log in go to www.nessy.com, type in schools secret word tallestpasty, click on login, begin to type in surname and your name will pop up.

Physical and mental well-being is just as important to academic learning. If you are staying at home more than you usually would, it might feel more difficult than usual to take care of your mental health and wellbeing. Remember to get physical activity every day and eat well (Including fruit and vegetables). If you have a garden, try and get fresh air where possible. Remember this is new for adults as well. Try and help them out around the house, listen and help with tidying up (you all do it well for me at school). As well as the above please remember to relax.

There are lots of different ways that you can relax, take notice of the present moment and use your creative side. These include:

  • arts and crafts, such as drawing, painting, collage, sewing, craft kits or upcycling
  • colouring
  • mindfulness activities (I’ll add more on this next week)
  • playing musical instruments, singing or listening to music
  • writing
  • yoga (I’ll add more on this next week)
  • meditation (I’ll add more on this next week).

24.3.2020 Morning Mercury class!

I hope you are all finding creative ways to keep busy at home. Tasks in your home-school learning pack should be well underway and should provide materials to work on right up until the Easter break. There are links below to useful websites where you can revise aspects of your learning this year, or perhaps find other activities that you would enjoy learning from. I will continue to add to the links below over the coming days. Please let the office know if you need a home-school learning pack.

Stay active – every morning at 9am Joe Wicks is doing a PE session for children on Youtube.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAxW1XT0iEJo0TYlRfn6rYQ 

Museums are also giving virtual tours. which one did you enjoy the most? http:// https://www.familydaystriedandtested.com/free-virtual-tours-of-world-museums-educational-sites-galleries-for-children/

On this website is a selection of Zoo’s so you can watch what is happening to look after the animals. https://www.holidaypirates.com/travel-magazine/13-zoos-that-offer-live-streams-see-giraffes-koalas-pandas-tigers-penguins-more_35765

Lego have also got a 30 days challenge. I know most of you have Lego at home, if you decide to take on the challenge I look forward to seeing your creations.

19th March 2020

Home Learning

I am putting together some home learning ideas for you to use in these unprecedented time. I am trying to keep activities as practical as possible so you don’t necessarily need to use a computer and print anything out. Please keep checking back here for updates and new information. However, our main sources of communication will come from the office. Here are some resources online resources that can be used along side the packs that were sent home with children this week.

English- Here is the BBC bitesize page for some English activities.


Maths- Feel free to play other games from these websites but stick to consolidating learning. I have attached the Maths Grid from your packs


Don’t forget daily https://ttrockstars.com/ passwords are in your packs


Maths homework grid

Class Brochure Mercury Spring 2020

We have been enjoying using songs to learn in Maths. here we are doing actions for Roman Numerals.

Click here to view the YouTube clip

For Poetry day we wrote poetry about chocolate. We used our senses to describe the Cadbury’s hero we had and then made our own poem based on Chocolate by Michael Rosen