Getting to school


This is by far the most common way to travel to school, and we encourage as many children as possible to walk to school,  to park further away and walk or even to walk round the playground when they arrive by bus.


There is a bus/taxi which brings children from Swainsthorpe. Ask in the office for more information.


School Road is quite narrow and it is difficult for cars to pass each other. There is a voluntary one-way system before and after school. Please approach from St Marys Close, and leave via Church Lane. We do not stop on the zig zags. We try to be considerate to other road users, especially the local residents.

Bikes and scooters

We actively encourage cycling and scooting with Bike to School Weeks. We have cycling and scooting contracts. These are to make sure children with their parents and carers have thought about safe and considerate cycling and scooting. If you want to bring a bike or scooter to school, please complete a contract. Then we will be happy for you to use the bike shed for storage. You can print one from here (below), or pick one up from the office. The school council has also decided to give them out at the gate too from time to time.

Scooter Contract           Cycle Contract