Friends of the School

The Friends of Newton Flotman School is registered charity number 1072382. It is run by an committee, elected  by the membership each year. The family of any child at the School, any member of School staff, or a representative of village organisations in the catchment area attending meetings on behalf of their organisation, is deemed a Friend of the School.

Our aim is to raise funds to advance and enhance the education of pupils at the school, and support other good causes which affect our children, by holding events ranging from bake sales to bingo; pamper evenings to Pudsey days.

We welcome new ideas from parents, and there is always room for new members on the committee, who might like to give a little more in time and effort.

Our current committee is:

  1. Clair Amerigo (Chair) – Mum of Elizabeth in class 4 and Edward (class 1).
  2. Caroline Wolfe (Secretary) – – Mum of Alex (class 5).
  3. Janice Coglin-Hibbert (Treasurer) – Mum of Jacob (class 3).
  4. Carla Gilman – Mum of Madison (class 5), Jake (class 4) and Sienna (class 1).
  5. Michelle Yates – Mum of Oliver (class 5) and Ella (class 3).
  6. Mel Purdy – Mum of William (class 4).
  7. Rachael Pownall – Mum of Asa (class 4) and Amelie (class 2).
  8. Simon Hudson – Dad of Charlie (class 4).
  9. Kathryn Critchell – Mum of Emily (class 4) and James (class 3).
  10. Jo Lepetit – Mum of Alfie (class 1).
  11. Trudi Wilson-Berry – Mum of Maisie (class 1).
  12. Stacey Freeman – Mum of Hollie (class 3) and Danielle (class 1).
  13. Adam Riley – Headteacher

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Where does the money go?

Our fundraising efforts during the year contribute fully, or in part, to a whole range of items and activities for the school. Our current aim is to raise funds for a replacement minibus.

Recently, we have paid for:

  1. Wooden shelter for the Key Stage 1 playground.
  2. Coaches for the Christmas trips to the theatre.
  3. Whole-school Skipping Workshops.
  4. Books for the library.