Teacher – Mrs Brailey

Phonics wb 8.6.20

This weeks phonics will be from Autumn Term Week 9 – revisiting digraphs.

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Home Learning for wb. 1.6.20

timetable w.b 1.6.20 Day-1-The-Snail-and-the-Whale 16-Thinking-Hat-Worksheets-for-The-Snail-And-The-Whale Day-2-The-Snail-and-the-Whale Day-3-The-Snail-and-the-Whale Day-4-The-Snail-and-the-Whale Day-5-The-Snail-and-the-Whale match-ai match-igh Phase-3-Worksheet-air-1 Phase-3-Worksheet-air-2 Phase-3-Worksheet-I-can-draw-air Phase-3-Worksheet-i-can-draw-igh Phase-3-Worksheet-I-can-draw-oa Phase-3-Worksheet-i-can-draw-ure Phase-3-Worksheet-igh-1 Phase-3-Worksheet-igh-2 Phase-3-Worksheet-Match-the-word-oa Phase-3-Worksheet-oa-1-1 Phase-3-Worksheet-oa-2-1 Phase-3-Worksheet-ure-1 Phase-3-Worksheet-ure-2

t-t-18486-under-the-sea-find-colour-and-count-activity-sheet-_ver_3 Worksheets-ai-part-1 Worksheets-ai-part-2

Home Learning for wb. 18.5.20

Character-Actions Day-1-Supertato Day-2-Supertato Day-3-Supertato Day-4-Supertato Day-5-Supertato Design-a-Superhero-Mask ee-Flashcards ee-spinner-1 ee-spinner-2 ee-Word-Record-Sheet-Spinner-1 ee-Word-Record-Sheet-Spinner-2 Food Around the World Fact File Sheets Phase-3-Worksheet-ee-1-1 Quiz Cards Sleeping-Beauty Superhero-Colouring-Sheets Superhero-Themed-Size-Ordering Superhero-Themed-Writing-Frames Superhero-Transtion-Writing-Frame

Supertato Needs Help Letter Supertato Outfit Cut-Outs The Evil Pea Wanted Poster Activity Sheet The-Tummy-Activity timetable w.b 18.5.20 Word-Search-ee

Home Learning for wb. 11.5.20

timetable week beginning 11.5.20

CVCC-Flashcards (1) Day-1-Night-Pirates Day-2-Night-Pirates Day-3-Night-Pirates Day-4-Night-Pirates Day-5-Night-Pirates Map-Drawing (1) Prompt Card Science Experiment t2-d-008-gingerbread-man-template-design-your-own-_ver_3 t-t-28908-the-gingerbread-man-subtraction-activity-sheet_ver_1

Home Learning for wb. 4.5.20

timetable week beginning 4.5.20


letter writing frame

Day-1-Hungry-Caterpillar Day-2-Hungry-Caterpillar Day-3-Hungry-Caterpillar Day-4-Hungry-Caterpillar Day-5-Hungry-Caterpillar

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Home Learning for wb. 27.4.20

This has also been sent via Seesaw…

timetable week beginning 27.4.20

Monday learning 1a

Monday learning 1b

Monday learning 1c

Monday learning 1d

Wednesday learning 1


Here is the generic timetable for reference that I sent out via Seesaw……

Reception-homeschool-time-table ver 1



There are daily lessons to be found here.

I am using Seesaw as the main form of communication.



Visit the ‘Get Kids Cooking’ section!




Also nice if you have older siblings!


Your login details will be sent via Seesaw.

Spelling support

To support your child’s learning at home, we are now able to offer ALL children (Reception to Year 5) access to Nessy Reading Spelling program. This is an intelligent, adaptive spelling tuition website, that will self-adjust to your child’s individual spelling needs. It is best used with headphones, so that you child can hear the words/sounds/instructions without any external interference. To log-in your child will need to go to the following website, www.nessy.com, type in the school’s secret word, tallestpasty, click on login and begin to type in their surname. After the first few letters of their surname, the system usually provides a suggested name for you to click on. I would recommend daily use of this website at home for 15 minutes. If you have any questions or have difficulty logging in please contact the school office and I will do my best to resolve problems asap.

Mr Roberts



These books are all free now!



There are some lovely ideas on here and great if you have a younger sibling at home too!


Great educational resources here!

Stay active – every morning at 9am Joe Wicks is doing a PE session for children on Youtube. 

Home Learning – 19.03.20

I am putting together some home learning ideas for you to use in these unprecedented times……..I am trying to make them as practical as possible so there is no need to necessarily use a computer or print anything out.  Your home learning packs I will add some links to websites so those who want to use them can.  Please keep checking back here for updates and new information, however, our main source of communication will be Seesaw where I will add activities for you in the Home Learning section.  You will also receive communication from the office via email.

Monster Phonics http://www.monsterphonics.com

This website should keep you going for all your phonics needs.


We use White Rose Maths in school and there will be an EYFS home learning pack available soon.


Oliver Jeffer’s is reading one book a day live at 6pm on his Instagram page.  If you follow the above link, the ones he has read so far are all archived on here.


Classroom Secrets is great for all areas of learning and for all ages.


Your little monsters will enjoy this!


Parents learning about Diwali during their Stay and Play session



Diwali – November 2019

Class Brochure Spring 2020