Butterfly Class


Good evening, This week we have continued our Explorer topic our explorer learning. Who do you think was the first explorer? If you can find out the name and year e-mail contact@newtonflotman.norfolk.sch.uk with the subject Butterfly Class. Can’t wait to see what you discover.

Today with the talented Mrs Morgan we drew HMS Endeavour.  All the grown-ups in Butterfly Class were impressed with out attempts. Mr Riley will be adding some of the pictures soon.


Good morning from Butterfly class.

This week we have been very busy in Butterfly class settling in. Here are some comments from children in butterfly class about this week.

We have learnt our new ‘Give me 5′ Mr Riley, Miss Loades, Mrs Freeman and Mrs Morgan have commented how good we are’.

I like our new system. If we don’t make sensible choices we go to red and yellow but if we work hard we can go on silver and Gold. Everyone has been on silver this week and people have been on gold.

We have learnt Butterflies are quiet so we have been trying to be quiet when working.

I like all the staff that come in our classroom.

I like the brilliant days we have at school with the teachers.

I like having dinner in the classroom.

I like doing art this week. We made butterflies to brighten up the cloakroom (we will add a picture when Mrs Morgan has finished).

We have been learning how to stay safe in our new bubbles. (We like to call it a cocoon!)

On Wednesday we got to ask Mr Riley questions on our new interactive zoom assemblies. We found out that…

  • his real name is Adam,
  • he has two children,
  • he likes the movie Thor,
  • he likes coffee,
  • he likes football and supports Newcastle,
  • he was born in Scotland in 1979,
  • he is a Geordie,
  • he likes trying new curry,
  • he has a wife called Catherine,
  • he likes playing cricket (and likes watching lots of different sports on TV) and
  • he is a massive fan of Marvel films.